We have special strengths in covering single/multi-family offices as well as endowments, trusts and foundations in Northeast United States, the region from which over 35% of the global allocation to alternatives is sourced.

About 38% of the investors in our network are single or multi-family offices, and these had an average AUM of $1.8bn and $1.0bn respectively. Fund-of-funds and investor consultant are the next largest groups representing a total of 30% of our investors. Endowments make up about 15% of our investors. This group has seen its representation increase over the last few years, from 3% in 2010, to 8% in 2011 and to 15% in 2012. This makes them the fastest growing type of investors. About 11% of investors are ‘others’, which include
pension funds, HNW and corporate entities.

Our investors are based 67% in New York City area, 23% in rest of USA, and 10% internationally. Through our international partners we attain a greater international coverage.

The average assets under management (AUM) of our investors is $2.8bn, with pension funds being the largest with $19bn. Single family offices are about double the size of multi-family offices, with $1.8bn and $1.0bn in average AUM respectively. Endowments and FoFs have $2.5bn and $2.0bn in average AUM respectively.