Investor Representation by Type

About over 40% of the investors in our network are single and multi-family offices. Investor consultants represent 14% and HNWs about 8%
Fund-of funds, RIAs and Wealth Advisors (and other multi-managers such as 40 Act funds) represent 24%. Pension funds and insurance companies together represent 5%, with
endowments at 6%.

Investor Representation by Geography

Investors are predominantly based in the North East US corridor (roughly
Boston down to Washington), with 63% of the investors being based there. This is the strongest region in the world from which global allocations to alternatives is sourced. A sizable share (ca. 20%) of investors come from the rest of the US, with with rest (ca. 15%) internationally.

Investor Size by Type

The average AUM of an allocator is $2.5bn, with pension funds being the largest with $6.0bn in average AUM (in Alternatives). In general, most investors’ average AUM ranges between $1-3bn. HNW individuals don’t usually disclose their assets so this is not available.

Investor Allocation Size by Type

While the range of allocation sizes by investors can be large (a
range between $1-$25m is common), the majority of investors
has an average initial allocation size between $3-$8m.
HNW individuals allocations are smallest at below $1m, and
pension funds largest at $20m. Others investors (seeders,
growth capital) indicate making large initial allocations as that is
part of their business models with typically lower fees attached.