About Us | Management

At Catalyst Fund Advisors, our goal is identify and distribute the highest quality alternative investment firms to institutional investors and their advisors. We act as a financial marketing firm, working with investment firms to assist them through the capital raising process.

Together with our partner firms, we offer a range of methods investment managers can raise assets through us, depending on their level of engagement.  In addition to stand alone third party marketing efforts, firms can join the Catalyst Cap Intro Events, as well as become a COIN Fund on our investor-only COIN site.

We have special strengths in covering family offices as well as endowments, trusts and foundations in Northeast United States, the region from which over 35% of the global allocation to alternatives is sourced. In addition, we provide access to allocators in other regions through our international partners.

Our focus is on alpha-oriented, institutional-grade small to mid-sized investment firms. We are tactical and agnostic in covering private equity, real estate and hedge funds.